Staff award for outstanding contributions

The Faculty of Engineering Staff Award for Outstanding Contributions has been established to recognize and honour outstanding dedication, resourcefulness, integrity, inspiration and service by individual staff members or teams of staff members who work within the faculty.

Up to two $1000 cash awards will be presented annually. Paper certificates will also be presented, and the names of the award winners will be displayed on a permanent wall plaque near the general office of the Dean of Engineering.

Nominations may be initiated by any member of the Faculty of Engineering. Nominees must be PEA or CUPE staff employed for at least three years full-time or part-time within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria. Prior winners are not eligible.

Nomination letters should include a description of the nominee's contributions and attributes, eg:

  • resourcefulness and commitment to high standards;
  • responsibilities to students, faculty and/or staff;
  • dedication and high level of integrity;
  • dedication and inspiration to faculty and staff;
and are due the second week of November.

A Staff Award Selection Committee consisting of:

  • a staff representative from each department;
  • a staff representative from the Engineering Undergraduate Office or the Dean's Office;
  • the Dean / Associate Dean as committee chair (non-voting);
will meet during November, to consider all nominations received by the deadline, with decision and notification by the end of that month.

Presentation of the awards will happen in December (at the Evening of Excellence / Winter Social).

Prior winners:
  • 2018
    • Amy Issel — Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Sandra Makosinski and Mary-Anne Teo — Engineering Dean's Office
  • 2017
    • Barry Kent — Mechanical Engineering
    • LeAnne Golinksy — Engineering Undergraduate Office
  • 2016
    • Minh Ly — Mechanical Engineering
    • CSc Tech Team: Paul Stead, Robert Taylor, Kathryn Wilson, Tomas Bednar, and Glen McCloskey — Computer Science
  • 2015
    • Patrick Chang — Mechanical Engineering
    • Wendy Beggs and Nancy Chan — Computer Science
  • 2014
    • Val Cross — Engineering Undergraduate Office
    • Kevin Jones — Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2013
    • Erin Robinson — Mechanical Engineering
    • Erik Laxdal — Electrical and Computer Engineering